Acquiring the “New-Normal” in Logistics Operations

Undoubtedly, the past couple of months have been the most difficult phase for every business owner. The ongoing Covid-19 pandemic accompanied by the fear of transmission through physical contact have brought business operations to an unexpected halt. Fortunately, with the joint effort of the frontline health workers and essential workers, things are getting back to normal, but of course with new safety measures and restrictions. 

Businesses are resuming their production and Delivery Services only after complying with the safety guidelines as stated by healthcare authorities. 

In this post, you will get to learn about some of the important alterations to business activities to ensure the safety of its employees and customers.

You need to keep in mind that these measures are the “new normal” which you must get accustomed to for your own good.  

A Concrete Plan 

The moment you decide to open your business to the public again, you need to plan strategically regarding what procedures must be deployed as you reopen. Your employees may be nervous, like any other person, to rejoin work since the source of transmission is still a mystery. You need to explain and teach them the new safety measures that you are going to follow. Accountability is what they need before you shift your operations to this new-normal.

Health to be given the top-most priority

It is okay to start over again with the production and marketing of your brand, but health should not be compromised in the process. It must remain the “top-priority” and everyone related to the business (i.e. customers, vendors, marketers, employees, owners) need to follow safety protocols. These include wearing masks, gloves, frequent sanitization, frequent hand wash (both premise and individual hand-sanitization), and social distancing. Remember, if one customer or an employee falls sick, it is your business that is going to be hampered most. 

Communication is the key

Since you may have been detached from your customers and employees for 2-3 months, a communication gap must have occurred. As things are new to you, they are new to your customers too. Don’t misunderstand their apprehensive behavior but instead communicate with them regarding their expectations and ideas. Make yourself available to answer their questions and thank them for their patience and for staying a customer during these difficult times. 

Smart Delivery Service, a dedicated and trustworthy courier company, is here to help you keep up with this new normal in an effortless manner. We are always within reach. Hire us today to make things easier when you re-launch your business activities and reopen doors to your much-missed clientele.  We can help you transport your products to and from your customers. We can also assist with picking up and delivering your PPE for your business. Contact us to learn about ways we can help you open up again.


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